I’m a multipotentialite*.

Reader with ever-broadening horizons.Writer with a curious mind. Polyglot – Mandarin is language No. 7. Physically I’m Indian, mentally I’m anything but.  I enjoy the science of deduction, and love writing about it – Sherlock and Watson are two sides of the same coin. I believe that “Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.”, and yes, I bleed blue and bronze.

Budding journalist. Health activist. Tea enthusiast. Vocalist. Editor. Resourceful student. French tutor. Traveller. Photographer. Organised organiser of events, and of the unorganised.
An acquaintance of all, and friend to the select few. Emotionally masked at all times. Always up for a challenge. Practical in dress, unorthodox in mindset, and low-key narcissist.

Welcome to this virtual representation of my thoughts.

Your comments, questions, critique, and general appreciation are all welcome – I know we all secretly thrive on giving feedback.


Photo: Discovering the sights, sounds, food, drink, and the many souvenir shops of Old Guangzhou, China. The people are friendly, the city is beautiful, and the teas tasted like the sweet nothingness of heaven in my mouth.
Photo credit: Jaudz Taylor, fellow tourist.

*That means I am discovering more about my capabilities everyday, and because of Wifi I get to share it with you *finger guns*.



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