The Lock, The Key, and 2017

As all narcissistic posts go this one is about me, and my key reflections on the year that has come to pass. So unlock your curiosity if you’d like to know more.

________ x ________

The Key. The key…the keythekeythekeythekeeeeeey. I’ve got the Key!
I’m 21! I now have all sorts of rights and I’m going to paint this world red! And, obviously, I’m going to do responsibly!


Looking back to last year, there have been some fantastic moments of fatigued failure and drama while I still managed a few lasting memories.

For example, I watched my University fall to its knees but I also started watching Rick & Morty – which, now that I think about it, ended just as traumatically. Thankfully the exams proceeded physically undisturbed, but left most of us mentally wrecked. 
The key for them both was to wait and see how things would turn out in 2017.
The exams unlocked my inner Hermione, and my results brought out the same.
The holidays held me in a constant paradox: I functioned on high alert as an Akka*, while I managed some quieter moments with my nose stuck in my holiday reading. I didn’t know just how much of the stories were censored during my childhood until I read the Siva Purana – I think I wouldn’t be too far off the mark if I said the Gods were just metaphors to justifysome serious errors in human judgement. I cannot unread it, and I definitely unlocked a brand new genre, but I think I’ll take a break from Hindu mythology for now.

I didn’t know turning 21 would be such a big deal, but apparently it is. Presents aside,my favourite memory will be of spending my birthday at uShaka Marine World where my little ninja (that’s what my brother wants to be now) made friends with a Ragged-tooth shark – we don’t talk about the other fish because none were as interesting as our new friend. The key to enjoying the sweltering humidity, the throbbing headaches, manoeuvring through the crowds, and trying to keep my voice intact and head firmly fixed, was to let go. There was very little I could control on that busy day, so I chose the one thing I had complete authority over: my approach to everything which makes hot days worse. A good lesson for the future I think.
I’ve come to realise, in my burst of finite wisdom, that I am in charge of everything happening around me simply because I choose how to react to it. I give it agency to affect me, so it would be practical to assume that I can take it away just as easily…well, somewhat easily because I’m only 21 and I should take emotional liberties for future reference. I believe advice is taken more seriously when the adviser has actually done what they say someone else should reconsider. Emotional stability: unlocked! 

I expect this year to bring challenges, many of them in fact, and I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. They say “The pen is mightier than the sword”, and I am well armed. I’ve been stationary shopping!
I’ve even received one with my name on it, and I think that’s all the reminding I’ll need that I am not alone.
This is going to be a year full of Opportune Moments, and I’ve got everything and everyone I need to make it work: my words, my pens, my people,the Wi-Fi, and my dressing gown (since when did third years wear anything but pyjamas?).

It was an exciting and a bit of an exhausting start to the year, and I think it set the precedent for the rest of it.
Adventure is out there, and I’m going out to meet it!


*Big sister

Photo source: Shraddha Patnala, at the library, planning Life.


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