The power of the pen. And pencil. And typewriter. And the keyboard. Ink in general.

The final segment of my three-part series is this letter of motivation for the School’s Writing and Editing programme. Although this was my third choice – my first being Design in Media Communication into which I have been accepted – I believe that writing is what made the very first journalist. You’ll understand why as you read this.


Building thoughts word-by-word:

As aggressive as that sounds, they did say that the pen is mightier than the sword.
Words have the power to change us, our mind-sets, our actions, our decisions – even the trivial ones like which brand of marmalade to buy – and they certainly affect our views of the world we live in. As Ayn Ran rightly says “Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.”

I have been a student at Rhodes University since 2015, and have been an active participant in both academic and cultural facets of student life. I am currently in my second year of Journalism and Media Studies, aiming to be a part of the third year Writing and Editing course. Being a part of Rhodes University has afforded me the opportunity to collaborate and learn from staff and students in projects with a real impact on my understanding of the local and global communities.

As stated in my curriculum vitae, my interest is rooted within global public health awareness – both professionally and personally. In this regard I have been proactively engaged in my capacity as a journalism student with the Rhodes University Pharmacy Students Association (RUPSA) in documenting their projects and weekly seminars, where Rhodes University is changing the face of community engagement through health activism (see pages 10-12 of CV). As a part of my voluntary year-long participation, I have been their unofficial photographer, writer, and editor for their first annual newsletter. I am also Activate Online’s new Lifestyle Editor, a position which allows me to present and represent student initiatives and opinions about health, well-being, travel, and light social commentary while providing a platform to learn from for the student community.

Prior to this application, I have collaborated with professionals and academics across Faculties on their publications. For the ones in which I have been acknowledged as an author, please refer to ‘Publications’ (page 11 of CV) to read my proactive contribution to raising health awareness.

Since JMS 1 I observed that writing allows for a space in which the thoughts fueling an ideology can be appreciated, criticised, engaged with, and influence the future generations; instead of having someone being judged based on the colour of their skin, their nationality, or by their proficiency in English. As Evey says V for Vendetta when asked about V’s true identity: “He was all of us.” That’s what writers are: we are a representation of our society as much as are presenters of a specific representation – and this duality is what makes writing so versatile.


If there is anyone who would like to read those publications mentioned above – these are both Public Health related – follow these links:

Patnala, S & Srinivas, S et al. (2016). ‘World Health Day and SDG 3: Merging Global Opportunities for Health Care Professionals in India’. Alameen College of Pharmacy webpage, April, [Online], Available at:

Rath, S; Patnala, S; Bosman, SJ; Srinivas, S. (2016). ‘Sustainable Development Goals and Addressing Non-communicable Diseases’, Indian Journal of Pharmacy Practice, vol. 9, no. 2, June, pp. 66-72, [Online], Available at:


I aspire to have the same confidence in my work as Peanuts does in his. Until then, I’ll stick to following the comic strips:


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