Another day in the life of women

They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

But what makes a woman beautiful?

Poets have described our soulful eyes, our adorable anger, our swaying gait, and our gentle touch. Artists have positioned us in every way, in every hue; making our beauty seem ethereal. Even cast in stone for the world to admire. Lyricists try contain us in their songs of ardent love and unwavering devotion. Directors fit us into an hour and 35 minutes of stardom, while society tries to find better, higher, more professional places for women to be – yes, even success makes a woman beautiful. This side of the story will never sit well with us though.

Here’s why:

We put others (and their interests) before ourselves. We cast aside our worries out of concern for those we love. We willingly let go of our dreams, support others’ dreams as our own. We smile for the camera, we laugh for the videos, and we hide our disappointments from ourselves. We move through life trying to find the God of small things, because that is all we allow ourselves. And again, this side of the story won’t sit well with us.

Here’s why:

The strength of women. Our dedication. Our effort. Our perseverance. Our dreams. Our prayers. Our talents – let’s face it ladies, we can do anything. Women use all these and more to make lives better. We feed our souls through nourishing others’. We find solace in our prayers for those we love. We are resourceful in any situation, good or bad. We find joy in others’ happiness. We find hope in the darkest hours. We give life. We teach life. Remember your strengths today, and every day. This is what makes us beautiful.

Happy Women’s Day ladies.

Remember to remind yourselves of the fire you are born with. If as individuals we have the power to warm homes just as much as we have the power to burn them to the ground, then imagine us collectively. We are force to be reckoned with. Don’t ever forget your strengths.

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Image source: (Accessed on 9/8/2016)


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