When will my life begin?

There’s this song from Tangled, where Rapunzel sings about life inside her tower and how repetitive and constrained it is – the usual girl-stuck-in-a-conventional-prince-must-take-me-away-to-go-see-the-world song.

I resonated with it. Until now.

Adulting is overwhelming.

I have to look the part I play. So dressing, manners, vocabulary, and even my packing has to look like I’ve got my life together. That I know exactly what I’m doing, and how best to do it.

As I packed and repacked and drove Mama crazy – thank you for bearing with me – I also spent a lot of time with the people I love. Samai, mom, my friends, my phone (it’s almost a person really), and the library ( I think it’s got personality).

I realised how much I’ve grown to depend on their support and advice. Their presence was so important in my life that it felt like I shouldn’t move away from it.

Then China tour happens.

Sure it’s not a big deal for seasoned travellers. Two weeks is minute in the grand scale of arrivals and departures.

I remember having to fill out a visa form – thrice because I made preventable mistakes. I remember having to pack the essentials without being told. I remember mentally ticking every box on my list from carrying socks to keeping my passport safe and available at all times.

As we arrive at the airport, my heart slows down. There’s a voice (a rich baritone) telling me that I’ve done this all before. That being alone is not a crisis, and that I know what I’m doing because it’s second nature.

Thanks Nana’s voice. That helped more than I care to admit.

I go through the lines of security and check-ins with a smile on my face and arrive unscathed on the other side.

Now here I am, sitting on a plane to a place I’ve never been to before, with people I’ve only met online and I am okay.

In fact, I’m excited. In awe of the world and all its facets. I’m soaking in the new and breathing in every sight and sound. And man! The African sunsets are spectacular from the window of a plane at 37000 ft from the ground. I still marvel at how beautiful our planet is…it’s calming.

Well, Nairobi Airport is my next stop. And then onward and upward to Guangzhou, China.

My life has begun, and I’M GOING ON AN ADVENTURE!!!



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