The Clicktivist’s URL to saving the planet

As arrogant as it may sound, it is what we have slowly become. Saviours of the planet wearing the cape of Social Media.

In my first ever Twitter post, as early as 6AM this morning, I realised social media for the blessing-turned-hostage situation it has become. There’s something for everyone, but I have stopped giving a click.

From the insufferable number of “I NEED LIKES TO SAVE THE PERSON WHO’S SUPPOSED TO KNOW BETTER” posts to the ones about saving endangered species from 2000 kilometres away doing nothing but poking the screen in outrage. It has no control over me any longer. But wait, I should’ve seen this coming – there is something for everyone after all…

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals reach and set targets for every aspect of modern life. Signed in September 2015, the SDGs aim to “end povertyprotect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all”. The goals encourage accountability and involvement, cleverly encouraging people in the grassroots level organisations and communities to build a better life for themselves using the SDGs as a foundation. Find out more:

The countdown to 2030 began this year, forcing us to look to the future – yes, past Deadpool this Valentine’s Day, Netflix reaching the rest of the world, and even the hope that Leo DiCaprio might win an Oscar. This isn’t to say that today’s youth don’t care about anything concerning the world, but it is to encourage us to make a positive difference to our futures.

There’s even a credit system:

Becoming Climate Neutral to help offset the one’s own, or the community’s carbon emissions is now worth something more than just our environment. It now involves strengthening local economies in developing countries by encouraging the conversion to sustainable energy sources (for homes and businesses alike), and based on the amount of CO2 emission avoided is converted into a monetary value. This money is expected to fund various SDG project to reach the targets, one at a time, around the world.

So this is for those of us who like to be arrogant enough to take on the responsibility of saving of the world. One day at a time. One retweet at a time @GlobalGoalsUN. Maybe a couple of likes here and there to show interest. Just like how I started my day today.

So here’s to us and our futures:

We have the potential to be true to our humanity and our planet. Mind you it’s all we’ve got.

The choice is ours.


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